28 July 2009

Monday Didn’t Get Away Clean

I thought, since I didn’t take my camera to work, that I would get through the day without taking any pix. A new puppy next door took care of that ‘problem’ for me.

Puppies are cool. And of course, Sammy had to go over and check out the new neighbor.

 DSC_1320_edited    DSC_1325_edited  DSC_1329_edited DSC_1330_edited DSC_1331_edited DSC_1332_edited DSC_1333_edited   DSC_1336_edited DSC_1338_edited DSC_1339_edited DSC_1340_edited DSC_1341_edited DSC_1342_edited DSC_1343_edited DSC_1344_edited DSC_1345_edited DSC_1346_edited DSC_1347_edited DSC_1348_edited DSC_1349_edited DSC_1350_edited DSC_1351_edited DSC_1352_edited DSC_1354_edited DSC_1355_edited DSC_1356_edited

26 July 2009

Little House In The Country

Another trip to Dan’s today afforded me another opportunity to brush up on my ‘rural landscape’ photography before the photo-shoot in KY that Dad and I are taking this fall.

Once again a faulty PC was the cause for the trip and as luck would have it, I had to reformat a 200GB hard drive. Plenty of time to snap some shots of the awesome puffy clouds that had been taunting me the whole way up to his house.

Dan was a bit surprised, I think, at how the last batch came out and he asked for some shots including the house. No problem-I love the way his house is laid out, so it was cool to shoot it.

Here’s the pick of the litter (or the pix of the litter, if you will).

A telephoto would have done this shot more justice. I’ll probably re-shoot this when I get one (or borrow one from Steve).

DSC_1276_edited DSC_1277_edited DSC_1278_edited

The road leading up to Dan’s house is framed by two Acorn trees (at least I think that’s what they were). And hey-I just read about using natural ‘frames’…yay me!

DSC_1279_edited DSC_1280_edited DSC_1280_edited_2 DSC_1281_edited DSC_1282_edited











Dan’s got this wooden fence that I love to use to split the shot. It just gives it such a rustic vibe. I used it the last time I shot out there (and I think one of the later shots from today is a mimic of that shot last time).

 DSC_1284_edited DSC_1285_edited




DSC_1289_edited DSC_1290_edited DSC_1291_edited DSC_1292_edited DSC_1293_edited

The clouds were really drawn to Dan’s house today for some reason. DSC_1294_edited

Here’s that fence again. I don’t think I had quite the same kinds of clouds in the last shot.



  There’s something I’ve always loved about driving down a ‘country road’. I guess it goes back to the trips to KY to my mamaw and papaw’s farm. The road, well driveway, to Dan’s house reminds me of that (only shorter).

DSC_1299_editedIn my haste to get these shots, I scared off a Monarch butterfly. THAT would have been a cool shot. Ah well, maybe next time. Still, I’m happy with how these came out.

DSC_1300_edited DSC_1301_edited DSC_1302_edited

DSC_1303_edited DSC_1304_edited

I love the sense of scale on this one. Dan’s house is pretty huge…but this cloud that was parked right in front of it was a monster! It’s like you could have taken a running jump off of the roof and landed in the clouds (kids, don’t try that at home).


DSC_1308_edited DSC_1309_edited DSC_1311_edited DSC_1313_edited DSC_1313_edited_2 DSC_1315_edited

There’s that fence again. I love that fence. I bet I could put a run together of just different kinds of fences. That might be something to put in the idea bin.

DSC_1316_edited And with that, I leave you to your Sunday (or, the start of your awesome week!).