16 August 2009

My First Camera



This was actually my first camera (that I remember). I think I may have had (or used) a 110 Ektachrome at some point, but this was my first real camera.

(I cheated, the full story about this camera is actually over on my other blog “High Plains Thrifter” , but since this IS my photo-blog, I thought I’d at least give a shout out to my first real camera).

That’s all I got for now.

More to come this week (I’m hoping for an Innis Woods or Sharon Woods shoot at some point, and of course I’m sure there will be some clouds coming my way :-)



13 August 2009

Layin’ Brick

Our neighbors ripped out their deck and went with a brick patio. They asked me to take a few shots for them for some relatives who may not be able to make the trip to see it in person.

These are those shots. The first few are with flash (I know…what was I thinking?)

DSC_2319 DSC_2320 

The sun had pretty much just set and the sky was that awesome magical color. Can I just say I LOVE that color of the sky just after the sun has dropped below the horizon? I can? Good, cuz I do.

DSC_2322  DSC_2324

This next group starts the shots taken without the flash. I really like the glow that the lamps give off this way. And you get a truer sense of the color of the brick. 

DSC_2326 DSC_2327   DSC_2330 DSC_2331

These next too (especially the last) are probably my favorite of the set. I would guess it has something to do with all of the geometry going on in the shots.  DSC_2333 DSC_2334I think there’ll be a few parties out on that patio during what’s left of the summer-woohoo!


10 August 2009

Sa-Weeeeng Battah!

I will go out of my way to avoid a baseball game on TV. And, I’m not such a huge fan of the major-league parks, either. But something about a minor-league park is fun.

And, I have to say that Indy does it right. These shots were from Sunday’s game against the Charlotte (?) Knights. The same crew that went to the fair minus Kim and Chuck (so that woudl be us, the Nash’s, and the Gliddens) hit the park for the game.

DSC_2176_edited DSC_2188_edited DSC_2193_edited DSC_2195_edited DSC_2203_edited DSC_2225_edited DSC_2240_edited DSC_2241_edited DSC_2244_edited DSC_2245_edited DSC_2248_edited DSC_2250_edited DSC_2251_edited  DSC_2253_edited DSC_2255_edited DSC_2256_edited DSC_2260_edited

I like this idea. Get ‘lawn seats’ and bring a pic nic to the game. Very cool. Only it was hot. So we got reserved seats. Under cover.

DSC_2264_edited DSC_2266_edited DSC_2267_edited DSC_2270_edited  DSC_2272_edited DSC_2274_edited DSC_2276_edited   DSC_2281_edited DSC_2282_edited 

And milliseconds later, the bat connected with the ball. Have I mentioned how much I’m lovin’ the new camera (and new lens)?


Sa-weeeeng battah!


Indiana A Go Go

These are pix from this weekend that didn’t fit in the ‘State Fair’ or ‘Baseball Game’ sets that seem to be the overlying theme of this weekend’s trip.

It’s good to know where to find both corn AND beans.

DSC_1801 copyYou’re welcome! (Only I’m not just visiting Ohio…I actually LIVE there).

DSC_1806 copy 

When we picked Tommy up from Camp, we stopped in the ‘general store’ at the State Park. They had Salt and Vinegar Flavored Crickets. Yes. Real Crickets. Dead and crunchy, but real, none the less.

DSC_1812 copy

I got a lot of pix of this little guy and his dad this weekend. 


I really like this pic of Jen.


These next few photos are of  the Scottish Rite Temple. I snagged them on the way home from the fair. Not my best shots, but definitely good as reminders that I want to go back and shoot that properly (w/tripod, etc) at some point in the future.



DSC_2159_edited DSC_2160_edited DSC_2161_edited DSC_2163_edited DSC_2164_edited DSC_2165_edited This is the State (capital?) building. Taken from the window of a Honda Odyssey. At a red light.

DSC_2166_edited These next few were from around the ball park. I guess this is going to be a hotel? I loved the crane.

DSC_2174_editedSome factory, and Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Colts)  



Kim, Pam, and Nancy. BFF’s since Junior High. Pam and her hubby surprised us by meeting us for lunch when we went to check out Wayne’s soon to be bitchin’ Comix Store.



Said comic store…the Hero House. On Fountain Square. Check it out!.

DSC_2309_edited DSC_2311_edited

And while you’re there, head across the street for some bowling! How can you go wrong? Bowling AND comics so close to each other?

DSC_2312_edited DSC_2317_edited