21 September 2011

2011 Cleveland National Air Show

I had a coupon code from Shutterfly for a free 8x8 photobook. One of the cool things about Shutterfly is that once you order a book (or 2), you're on their list and you get some ridiculously sweet offers (free shipping, 20% off, 50% off, free books, free photos, free cards). I'm sure they count on you ordering other things while you're in there getting free stuff (but I usually don't).

Anywhoo, enough of the babbling. Here's a book I put together for the Cleveland Air Show this year. Looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to get it. There's something about holding a book of your photos in your hands. Makes it almost seem....real. Like I'm actually a pro-photographer.

It's pretty wicked.

Alright....that's all she wrote.

Have a great rest of your evening (or day, or whatever happens to correspond to where you are presently).

20 September 2011

Thunderbirds are Go!

Apologies for not having updated this blog as much lately, but I've been actively working on building the photography business. For details on that, please click over to the facebook page and click LIKE--TwistedZenPhotography

As you may or may not know, this is the 3rd year now that I've gone to the Cleveland National AirShow. I used to go to airshows all the time as a kid, but have recently picked that passion back up. 

All shots were done on a Nikon D50 using a 70-300mm /5.6 lens that I borrowed from my good friend and mentor Jerry over at JKuamooPhotography. Check out his work, I've learned a lot from him and he's taken me under his wing as I've worked on growing my photography skills/passion (and business).

The shots below are of the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team. 
They were taken at the 2011 Cleveland National Air Show.


All images are Copyright ©2011 Todd Skaggs/TwistedZen Photography 
All rights reserved.