21 October 2009

The galaxy is on Orion's Belt.

About this time every year, my favorite constellation holds a party...a shower if you will. The Orionid Meteor shower.

Last night I decided to stay up and see what all the fuss is about.

Got a few good shots of my fave star pattern to start out the evening (evening being about 2:30AM)

And here's the shot-from the lower left star in the belt, start heading diagonally to the lower left corner..see that little streak that looks like a scratch? Yup-meteor! I didn't think I got any caught on film of the 3 I saw.

How about you? Any one else got any stellar shots from last nights celestial bash?

18 October 2009

Fall Shots

I had every intention of getting up early Saturday morning, going out and watching the sun rise over Hoover Dam, get some shots and call it a happy fall photography weekend. 

For whatever reason, that didn't happen. So I shift the plan to Sunday. The sunrise portion of the plan didn't happen, but by 9 O'clock or so, I was over at Hoover, camera in hand.

The Photos from the shoot are up on my Facebook Page-click HERE to see them.

I parked where I normally park and decided to walk on what I thought was the nature trail. Turns out I was actually on the course of the Hoover Disc Golf Course. It was VERY serene and peaceful (and may prompt me to take up that particular sport in the spring-we'll see).

I got some good pictures. The shots up on Facebook are the unedited JPEGs. I shot RAW+JPEG, so I may get some better images once I get in and play with the lighting.  If I get to those soon (I've still got Wedding Photos to go through), I'll post the edits here.

Meantime, enjoy!


12 October 2009

Not for lack of trying

Sorry the posts have been so sparse lately. I've just been WAY busy :-)

Here's one from the wedding I shot this past weekend to tide you over.

02 October 2009

Wuv....twoo wuv

I apologize to my 4 readers who frequent this blog. I have been remiss in my photographic duties.

We just got done with the Dream Conference at ICC and the weeks leading up to it were a crazy mix of excitement and terror-but it all came out very well.

That's not to say I haven't been taking pictures, I have. I just haven't gotten to where I've been able to get them ready to post.

The most recent set that I shot was of a couple at our church that's getting married next Saturday (I'm shooting the wedding, too, so that should be interesting).

They asked me to shoot some engagement photos for them. I used my favorite haunt, Inniswoods and here are the results. T and O Engagement Photos (It's a facebook album, but you should still be able to view it).

Other than that, the shots have been mostly random. I did wind up getting the SB 50 DX flash. It's older, so it has to be used completely manual, but that's ok because (a)it's teaching me WHY I need to do things a certain way instead of just doing them and (b)having a old flash for fill lighting is better than no flash.

I also built a home-made diffuser out of $1 worth of velcro and a $.90 bottle of rubbing alcohol. Thanks to this site I now have, for $2 something that everyone else wanted to charge me $20-$40 for.

Sure, I plan on getting an SB-600 and maybe a 'real' diffuser someday, but for now, these will work just fine (and I could actually see the difference in the shoot at Inniswoods).

I'll have some more pics up soon.

Until then, happy shooting!