30 June 2009

Another Perfect Cloud Day

The recent object of my current photObsession would appear to again be clouds.


I was shopping at BigLots on the way home (because $15/year for seat covers is cheaper than reupholstering 13yr old car seats) and these lovelies caught my eye.



(This space intentionally left blank)


I’m sure I’ll get sick of clouds someday (but probably not before you get sick of looking at my photos of them). There’s just something so…I dunno…mysterious and regal about them.



I used to think when I could see the sunbeams break through the under-side of clouds that it was an escalator for souls to go to heaven. And by ‘used to think’, I mean ‘I still think that every time I see it’


I know if clouds always used to be this awesome, or hold such fascination.


Or if I’m just spending more time looking up these days. I’m gonna guess that’s it.






Monday Funday Clouds

So, I’m driving home, and of course I’m instantly struck by the awesome cloud cover. And since it seems I’m taking that camera everywhere these days, I thought it would be perfect to take shots. But I was going to wait. I was supposed to go up to Dan’s this evening to help him with some Vegas Video issues he was having. I knew Dan had a huge field with a great tree line and I was going to see if I could get some sunset shots up there.

So, as we’ve established-I’m driving home and I see the clouds over the Vineyard. I knew that I could get some good shots there (based on shots I got during Tommy’s soccer season). So, I stopped in to a church (I passed along the way).

And I took some shots.

And I’m glad I did. The cloud cover was so thick by the time I got to Dan’s it was one big blanket of grey and there was no definition to speak of, and sunset shots would have been a bust.  And today was too perfect of a cloud shooting day to not have ANY shots. So, these 11 will have to do.


peace out.



27 June 2009


It's weird to me that I didn't take any pictures yesterday. I talked a lot to Jerry about shooting and the difference between amateurs (like me), pro-ams (like him), and pros (that get paid to shoot for a living), is really just time, location, and money. They're in the right place....they have the time to stay for days or weeks and get the perfect shot. And they get paid big money for that.

It's no different than anything, I suspect. And sure, the gear is probably "better" but Jerry put that in to perspective, too. If you have a DSLR...at that point, you have the larger sensor and the pro-sumer gear. Don't sweat about the lenses or trying to get the latest technology at that point. Just try things out. If you like the way a particular lens shoots, then use it. If you don't, then don't.

Seems simple enough.

I am shooting a friends' daughter's Sweet 16 Party tonight (I've never been a part or witness to anything like this, so it should be interesting). It's a themed event and it's a 'hollywood premiere' theme, complete with the red carpet, etc. etc.

I was originally asked to shoot video (but I kinda wanted to shoot photo instead...I'm started to get picky about being a 'videographer for hire' these days. If I'm gonna spend the time to shoot and edit something, I want it to be s0mething that I really want to do...I haven't become quite that jaded with the pictures yet, so I guess that's why I still want to shoot photos of everything I can.

We'll see how it all shakes out.

Hope y'all have a great Saturday eve.

25 June 2009


I have a fascination with clouds (and trees, and flowers)…but clouds especially.


The clouds before a storm always look the coolest to me. Here’s a few I took this evening.






A RAW deal

So, as I've mentioned a couple of times, I've been using LIGHTBOX Editor. It's a free app (and come my next pay, I'm gonna spring the $20 for the 'PLUS' version of the app). One of the things that makes it cool is that it handles RAW files (Which in the DSLRs are the actual data files and you can edit and tweak them without some of the loss you get when you tweak JPEG files). Most pros (so I'm told) use them in their paying shoots. The Nikon has a mode where it will save RAW or JPEG or one of each, depending.

Jerry got me a little nervous by telling me that there are many kinds of RAW files, and I needed to make sure that my freebie app handled Nikon's flavor.

Lucky me, it did.

Just one more thing to have in the arsenal. The pic above was taken in RAW format and tweaked in Lightbox Editor.

Clouds on the way.


Working for the Weekend

Went out on my lunch break today and shot some pix around the workplace. It’s funny to me—I’ve been coming to work at this same location for 10 years now and its never really struck me how ‘pretty’ things are.

Enjoy. These are untouched, directly off the memory card. I may clean them up later.


23 June 2009

Smaller pix or bigger?

I've been kicking this around (since before I started this latest blog, actually), and what I'm struggling with is the size of the pix that appear when you click on the thumbnails.

There are two posts with pix currently. 1 has the larger thumbnails and larger resulting pic when you click. The second post has smaller thumbs and smaller main pix when you click.

The question is, which do you, as the reader(s) prefer?

I can tell you from an authoring standpoint, the smaller thumbnails w/smaller pix is easier for me (Because I can use Windows Live and upload a whole lotta pix at once...where as for the larger, I'm forced to do 5 at a time through Blogger's interface).

I've pretty much answered my own question, just wanting to see what you (all) thought.

More from the 94th

More shots taken from last Saturday’s event at the 94th Aero Squadron.

DSC_0035_edited DSC_0036_edited DSC_0037_edited DSC_0038_edited DSC_0039_edited DSC_0040_edited DSC_0055_edited_2 DSC_0056_edited DSC_0057_edited DSC_0059_edited DSC_0064_edited DSC_0064_edited_2 DSC_0066_edited

21 June 2009

Inaugural Post

Here's the first post in my second attempt at a photo-centric blog. I figure with the recent acquisition of a Nikon D50 Digital SLR, I should give it another shot considering I've shot more in the past 2 weeks than probably the past 3 months.

Unless otherwise noted, shots were taken with the Nikon D50 and may (or may not) have been tweaked with Lightbox Free Editor.

These pix were taken at the 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant by Port Columbus.

This shot was originally blue, but I wanted it to look 'old-timey' and like it would have been something found in my grandfather's footlocker.

Another shot where the hue was adjusted with Lightbox. I went for a 'sky on fire' kind of thing.

This was a close up of an arrangement that they had. I didn't tweak this other than to do an 'auto-color' enhancement.

And there you have the first shots. In the coming days, I'll be posting more.