09 March 2010

Sunrise at Work

So, I recently picked up a refurb Fuji Finepix Z20fd from MicroCenter for about $50. Not a bad investment to take places I didn't want to take my D50. I had thought of using Jen's old Fuji J20. It had a busted LCD, but I thought it took decent pix. A night using it at the last PubCrawl was too annoying for me to continue going down that route (although it might make a fine webcam, who knows).

So, I dig this little point and shoot. It's easy enough to throw in my jacket (something not really possible with the Fuji S700 or the Nikon D50).  I've come to the realization that for quick down and dirty stuff...keeping the Fuji for stills (and maybe video) and the Pepto-Cam for video are probably the way to go-quick, cheap, easy.  When I'm working on things for Cannes or National Geographic, I'll switch to my other gear (hey-a guy's gotta dream, right?)

Speaking of dreams-saw the sun rising on the way in to work. The seasons are starting to shift to the point where I'll probably start carrying the D50 around more often (as S.Carmona admonishes I should be anyway).

I got these with the Z20. Good for wallpaper and a quick reminder that even on the way to something as utilitarian as a 'job,' there is still beauty around us...if we just wake the f*** up and look at it. (yes, you may quote me on that :-)


Don't worry, I DID get shots of our wonderful 'snowpocalypse' as well. Those will be cleaned up and posted in the next few days.