14 December 2009

Not Completely Abandoned

This shot was taken today as I headed out to lunch. I stopped taking the D50 to work (I really need to start taking it again-I'm missing some good shots at lunch and on the way home).

So, I started a collection of shots I took from my cell phone. The camera on my cell phone blows-lets just get that out of the way now. It's decidedly lo-fi compared to the D50. Which, is probably why it appeals to me in some weird way...because of the artifacts and noise that get introduced in the shots.

HERE are the rest of the shots from the CameraPhone@Work photo album.

I know it's not much to go on, but I'll post more next week (when I've got a whole week off).


21 October 2009

The galaxy is on Orion's Belt.

About this time every year, my favorite constellation holds a party...a shower if you will. The Orionid Meteor shower.

Last night I decided to stay up and see what all the fuss is about.

Got a few good shots of my fave star pattern to start out the evening (evening being about 2:30AM)

And here's the shot-from the lower left star in the belt, start heading diagonally to the lower left corner..see that little streak that looks like a scratch? Yup-meteor! I didn't think I got any caught on film of the 3 I saw.

How about you? Any one else got any stellar shots from last nights celestial bash?

18 October 2009

Fall Shots

I had every intention of getting up early Saturday morning, going out and watching the sun rise over Hoover Dam, get some shots and call it a happy fall photography weekend. 

For whatever reason, that didn't happen. So I shift the plan to Sunday. The sunrise portion of the plan didn't happen, but by 9 O'clock or so, I was over at Hoover, camera in hand.

The Photos from the shoot are up on my Facebook Page-click HERE to see them.

I parked where I normally park and decided to walk on what I thought was the nature trail. Turns out I was actually on the course of the Hoover Disc Golf Course. It was VERY serene and peaceful (and may prompt me to take up that particular sport in the spring-we'll see).

I got some good pictures. The shots up on Facebook are the unedited JPEGs. I shot RAW+JPEG, so I may get some better images once I get in and play with the lighting.  If I get to those soon (I've still got Wedding Photos to go through), I'll post the edits here.

Meantime, enjoy!


12 October 2009

Not for lack of trying

Sorry the posts have been so sparse lately. I've just been WAY busy :-)

Here's one from the wedding I shot this past weekend to tide you over.

02 October 2009

Wuv....twoo wuv

I apologize to my 4 readers who frequent this blog. I have been remiss in my photographic duties.

We just got done with the Dream Conference at ICC and the weeks leading up to it were a crazy mix of excitement and terror-but it all came out very well.

That's not to say I haven't been taking pictures, I have. I just haven't gotten to where I've been able to get them ready to post.

The most recent set that I shot was of a couple at our church that's getting married next Saturday (I'm shooting the wedding, too, so that should be interesting).

They asked me to shoot some engagement photos for them. I used my favorite haunt, Inniswoods and here are the results. T and O Engagement Photos (It's a facebook album, but you should still be able to view it).

Other than that, the shots have been mostly random. I did wind up getting the SB 50 DX flash. It's older, so it has to be used completely manual, but that's ok because (a)it's teaching me WHY I need to do things a certain way instead of just doing them and (b)having a old flash for fill lighting is better than no flash.

I also built a home-made diffuser out of $1 worth of velcro and a $.90 bottle of rubbing alcohol. Thanks to this site I now have, for $2 something that everyone else wanted to charge me $20-$40 for.

Sure, I plan on getting an SB-600 and maybe a 'real' diffuser someday, but for now, these will work just fine (and I could actually see the difference in the shoot at Inniswoods).

I'll have some more pics up soon.

Until then, happy shooting!

13 September 2009

Sorry I’m Not Home Right Now…

…I’m walking in a spider’s web.

So, as I was getting ready to head out to a friend’s house to watch the Buckeye’s game, I looked out the window and saw what looked like cotton candy on a tree out back. So, I had to risk missing the kickoff to get these pix.

The web was about 1ft from side to side (I suck at math, so you can figure out the diameter).

The spider that made it went up to the branch above (And he blended in pretty darn well)




I was pretty happy with how they came out. Amazing that something that is just instinctive to the spider actually looks pretty beautiful, too.

Rock on spider,rock on.



07 September 2009

Cleveland National Air Show


Went up to Burke Lake Airport this Labor Day Weekend (well, Sunday) for the Cleveland National Air Show.

I was really bummed at first that I would not have a 200mm lens of some sort to shoot with. Sometime around Thursday or Friday, though, I just trusted in the fact that composition and framing would win over super zooming.

Out of the 1600+ shots I snapped (I know, right?!?!), I came up with about 150 that I was really proud of.  The full album can be found on my Facebook page here

I’ve put a handful of the pictures that I’m really pleased with.

Please keep in mind that I went with a mission to get some great shots, but in between the demonstrations, I found myself transported back to when I was about 8 yrs old and my neighbor would take me to the Dayton Air Show and I saw the Thunderbirds for the very first time. In between that childlike fascination and the scream of afterburners, I found that I had a great time AND got some pix I’m happy with.




























DSC_4003_edited  DSC_4064_edited









All in all, the air show was amazing. And I’ve put it on my ‘annual must do’ things list. I can’t believe I went so long before now with seeing them. So much fun, and the Center Show seats we had were great. Can’t wait until next year!

Stay tuned-I’ve got more photo-sets that need to go up, just trying to find the time to sort through it all.


16 August 2009

My First Camera



This was actually my first camera (that I remember). I think I may have had (or used) a 110 Ektachrome at some point, but this was my first real camera.

(I cheated, the full story about this camera is actually over on my other blog “High Plains Thrifter” , but since this IS my photo-blog, I thought I’d at least give a shout out to my first real camera).

That’s all I got for now.

More to come this week (I’m hoping for an Innis Woods or Sharon Woods shoot at some point, and of course I’m sure there will be some clouds coming my way :-)



13 August 2009

Layin’ Brick

Our neighbors ripped out their deck and went with a brick patio. They asked me to take a few shots for them for some relatives who may not be able to make the trip to see it in person.

These are those shots. The first few are with flash (I know…what was I thinking?)

DSC_2319 DSC_2320 

The sun had pretty much just set and the sky was that awesome magical color. Can I just say I LOVE that color of the sky just after the sun has dropped below the horizon? I can? Good, cuz I do.

DSC_2322  DSC_2324

This next group starts the shots taken without the flash. I really like the glow that the lamps give off this way. And you get a truer sense of the color of the brick. 

DSC_2326 DSC_2327   DSC_2330 DSC_2331

These next too (especially the last) are probably my favorite of the set. I would guess it has something to do with all of the geometry going on in the shots.  DSC_2333 DSC_2334I think there’ll be a few parties out on that patio during what’s left of the summer-woohoo!


10 August 2009

Sa-Weeeeng Battah!

I will go out of my way to avoid a baseball game on TV. And, I’m not such a huge fan of the major-league parks, either. But something about a minor-league park is fun.

And, I have to say that Indy does it right. These shots were from Sunday’s game against the Charlotte (?) Knights. The same crew that went to the fair minus Kim and Chuck (so that woudl be us, the Nash’s, and the Gliddens) hit the park for the game.

DSC_2176_edited DSC_2188_edited DSC_2193_edited DSC_2195_edited DSC_2203_edited DSC_2225_edited DSC_2240_edited DSC_2241_edited DSC_2244_edited DSC_2245_edited DSC_2248_edited DSC_2250_edited DSC_2251_edited  DSC_2253_edited DSC_2255_edited DSC_2256_edited DSC_2260_edited

I like this idea. Get ‘lawn seats’ and bring a pic nic to the game. Very cool. Only it was hot. So we got reserved seats. Under cover.

DSC_2264_edited DSC_2266_edited DSC_2267_edited DSC_2270_edited  DSC_2272_edited DSC_2274_edited DSC_2276_edited   DSC_2281_edited DSC_2282_edited 

And milliseconds later, the bat connected with the ball. Have I mentioned how much I’m lovin’ the new camera (and new lens)?


Sa-weeeeng battah!