21 September 2011

2011 Cleveland National Air Show

I had a coupon code from Shutterfly for a free 8x8 photobook. One of the cool things about Shutterfly is that once you order a book (or 2), you're on their list and you get some ridiculously sweet offers (free shipping, 20% off, 50% off, free books, free photos, free cards). I'm sure they count on you ordering other things while you're in there getting free stuff (but I usually don't).

Anywhoo, enough of the babbling. Here's a book I put together for the Cleveland Air Show this year. Looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to get it. There's something about holding a book of your photos in your hands. Makes it almost seem....real. Like I'm actually a pro-photographer.

It's pretty wicked.

Alright....that's all she wrote.

Have a great rest of your evening (or day, or whatever happens to correspond to where you are presently).

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