10 August 2009

Sorry, Folks. The Park’s Closed. The Moose Out Front Should Have Told You…

Indiana Trip, pt. 1-The Indiana State Fair Photos.

I was trying to create a Facebook Album for these shots so that I could tag them and do all that fun stuff…but uploading 200+ pix at 10 at a time was ridiculous. So I’m doing it the way I should have started it 2 hours ago.

Here’s the full album of the Indiana State Fair pix and then, following that, will be some shots I pulled out because I like ‘em! :-)

Looks like they may also get uploaded to Photoshop online (which I think I can just push them over to FB from there, we’ll see).

Anyway, here are some that I think really stand out-about 1/3rd of the full album (not sure I’ll be doing the color commentary on all of them-it’s taken so long to get them uploaded, I’m just gonna let you make up a story :-) ).

DSC_1835_edited DSC_1841_edited DSC_1843_edited DSC_1850_edited

Bees are very partial to Sno-cones.

DSC_1852_edited DSC_1855_edited DSC_1872_edited DSC_1917_edited

DSC_1944_editedIt’s as American as State Fairs and Monkey Nuts…

DSC_1945_edited DSC_1946_edited This is my favorite pic of these two.








I was able to get more night shots in Indy than I did at the Ohio State Fair for 2 reasons. The midway is laid out better in Indy. So I actually had better shots and angles and could group things better. I also think the lens made a difference-I’m sure it did (for reasons I can’t quantify).

DSC_1986_edited By the end of the night, Lexi wasn’t the only one feeling this way.



  He’s got his Tonka. Word.


And now we start getting in to the night shots on the midway. I’m really pleased with how a lot of these came out.


DSC_2005_edited DSC_2006_edited DSC_2007_edited DSC_2010_edited DSC_2031_edited

DSC_2038_edited If you think Jen didn’t know where the camera was at all times, you’d be wrong.

DSC_2039_edited DSC_2041_edited_2 DSC_2045_edited DSC_2047_edited DSC_2048_edited DSC_2050_edited DSC_2054_edited DSC_2066_edited DSC_2076_edited DSC_2091_edited DSC_2094_edited DSC_2114_edited DSC_2119_edited DSC_2120_edited DSC_2122_edited

Took me a couple of shots to figure out that the lights from the rest of the midway were reflecting in the ‘balloon’ ride. This was the best of the lot. DSC_2126_editedAfter talking to the carny about cameras (a much better conversation than my run-in with the one at the Ohio State Fair), I got her to demonstrate how to win at this event. I didn’t really want any SpongeBob dolls, so I thanked her and when on my way.


I got really fortunate this time and got some really good Ferris wheel shots. I was very pleased with how many of them turned out. DSC_2132_edited







This last shot with Glidden and Cruz is great. It’s like he’s studying his papa.

DSC_2148_edited All in all, another great year at the fair!

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