08 January 2011

Old Skool Digital

So...on FB or somewhere, I mentioned that I found my old Kodak DC120. And by 'mine' I meant the one that the former exec. from our company gave me (Because I was in to 'collecting weird electronics' as he put it).

I thought it would be neat to take pix on it (using the 16MB Compact Flash Card) I had and see what they looked like.

In an experiment I like to call 'Old Skool Digital'. Due to the funkiness in which Blogger uploads photos, these are not in chronological order.

In general, I found the flash to be WAY too powerful, and don't really know a way to dial it back. I did find that the lens is threaded and will take 37mm filters/lenses...which amuses and delights me greatly since that's also the threading on the 3CCD Panasonic Video cameras I have. Yay.

I'm not sure how regular these OSD posts are going to be. I think with natural lighting, the camera will do better.

Another oddity, when I put on the telephoto and wide angle lenses that I have, I can see them in the view finder...so it became apparent that it's not a 'through the lens' view finder...which means I'm not going to know what kind of shot I get until I actually shoot it. Again, interesting.

Not sure that this will evolve in to much more than a novelty, but it amused me for a day...and that's a start. :-)


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